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All of my files come with a .SIF file outlining its origin and usages. See BluePrint for more details on SIF files.

More Big Kitties ...
February 14

and possible the closing of the Cavender Safari Series. A black and leopard osfa and frogg. The Frogg is actually modeled off a Sim chair, so it should work in both games.

New! Meow ....
February 12

Proudly presenting TIGERS! A new Frogg, a new Tutti, and a new end table. This pretty much match, in a traditional sense. Also, be sure to check out SimLane's Valentines Day Sets.

Project on Hold
February 9

I'm working on a few new things, but they're not lining up quite the way I want them to so I'm starting over. Next week may see my first truly "new" object. But I don't want to promise too much just yet.

In the mean time, be sure to check out the sister site Jezebel's Closet for fashions early next week.

Sim Day Object
February 8
Maxis has released a new Dancing Hula Girl lamp for SimDay. You really have to go check it out...

JC Interiors Opens!
February 7
In an effort to keep producing trendy and designer-inspired things, I thought perhaps every SIM could use a stylish home. For now, all object are what I call "clever recolours". Textures and colours are changed, but no completely new objects. Yet. Let me get used to TMog first. Beds section isn't open yet, since those are REALLY killer projects. :/


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